Snickers, surprised I’d have a problem with his ideas.

Our neighbors are having carpet installed. The installers are using their driveway as a cutting location. Works great for them. Butters is appalled. She can see all their doings through the front window. All their doings!

Two men yanked a roll of carpet out of the back of their van and it landed with a percussion that reverbed inside our house. Which set off the Butters Turtle Alarm. Her parrot brain couldn’t corollate or categorize the thing that landed across the street. It deftly chose “Turtle”, and hit playback. Which set off a Hound outside in the backyard, and his…

Butters, our bodacious big blue chicken.

I’ve never debated parrots. There’s no benefit to presenting your case as a whole. The reasons you choose to ask for a certain cooperation is irrelevant to them. Parrots don’t look for reasons about the action. They look for reasons why you’re presenting the request at all. It’s not the what, it’s the why.
Why should I step up? Where are we going?
Why should I take that food/toy/branch/attitude from you? What happens then?
We the human want our immediate results. Then we move on to the after affects. We’re only interested in the next vine. But parrots, they extrapolate…

If your BP isn’t high, it will be when you pull up to this drop off.

An afternoon in an emergency room well run and staffed with excellence isn’t the worst thing. Before that, an hour in a walk-in clinic isn’t the worst thing. At one point a nurse came out and handed Covid test results to a waiting patient.

“Here’s your results, sir.”

“Results to what? I haven’t taken the test.”

“No. I have your swab and results right here.”

“No. I’ve been sitting here this entire time.”

“But …” She looks at the paperwork, extends it out as if to hand it to him making this entire situation go away.

“Look. I haven’t been…

Dante DuBois will heretofore be known as Dante Demolition Derby DuBois. Walking through a room with a dog so happy to walk with you, so driven to be close to you, so devoted, leaves sixty pounds of pitty bumping your feet, or legs, or calves. Depending where your legs are while walking. Misstep is dicey.

The holy grail of the companion parrot lifestyle; Clean air. Air filters, HEPA filters, filtering filters, ions, blue lights, laser beams, ultraviolet, violet, hydrogen peroxide aerosol, charcoal, one layer, two layer, three layer, six layer filtering medium. We the few who fight the floof seek knowledge. We seek answers. We seek relief! There’s a dune buggy robot running around Mars with cameras and a lab on board. DBR is taking samples, and phoning home results. You know someone created a filter system for the air in that rocket to keep DBR clear of contaminates! Com’on man!

Add more companions to…

In the pursuit of clean there are many tools. Dust pans, dust bins, dusters, vacuums, vacuum attachments, cleaners, wipers, scrubbers, scrapers, grouters, removers, refinishers, vinegar, bleach, peroxide, soap, soda, salt, and lemons. Mops, flops, rags, bags, clippers, washers, dryers, and multiple aisles at your local retail store offering untried tempting goops, fluids, sponges, clothes, erasers, blowers, suckers, pushers, and pullers. Good luck! And may the odds be with you!

Nature provided the ultimate answer to all our cleaning needs. Sunlight. Here at LaFollett Estate the morning rising sun in the winter months casts it’s powers at a perfect angle revealing…

Our neighbor is currently flying his American Flag upside down. He’s left his political banner hanging off his perfectly built wooden fence surrounding his backyard and home of which he owns as property and equity.

Privilege is more stressful for some.

His distress flag flies in front of his beautiful home. That has a pool. No less than four cars younger than 5 years parked in front of their two car garage, on a graveled semi-circle drive capable of holding 8 cars comfortably. One vehicle is new. A white and chrome truck. Gorgeous looking thing.

Their one story corner lot home is surrounded by a lush…

I visited the Capital with my grade school class. It was a trip, a flight, and sights I remember with awe and pride.

I remember walking those halls, those monuments, those grounds quietly in awe. I remember our picnic next to the water that lived center stage to all the history. Wondering who built it, who walked inside those white castles, how important the things that were happening that day were.

My Country, I thought. Expressed through just two and some hundred years. I didn’t see government or politics. I saw what we all hoped to be, citizens holding up…

Knocks on the front door are challenging. First, I don’t people well. Not when I’m in the comb. Thoughts rush; Ignore it. Peak through the window. Be quiet. Well, maybe answer it, but what if they want me to talk?

The dogs help me. They race to the window to climb the glass and bark at the soul outside.

Dante DuBois


You just think you want to build trust with your parrot. I did that. Eight times I’ve done that. I continue doing it as you read these words of warning. I love companion parrots. I love every one else’s parrots, wild parrots, pictures of parrots, and stories about parrots that went before. I didn’t sign up to advocate without a deep love and reverence for them.

But honest to milk toast you do not want to build trust with your parrot before you build a level playing field. You go about chasing this trust business and you are going to…

Kathy LaFollett

I am a Companion Parrot Advocate™, Author, Speaker and Humorist. I have more words here:

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