Donald Trump is just a mistake.
And nothing more.

Tribes form drum circles of belief systems, driven to find labels for this guy. MAGA, savior (I find that one particularly entertaining), cretin, liar, sociopath, or a good man. Putin calls him convenient.

They are all wrong. We are all wrong. Donald is just a mistake.

He is a mistake for banks who conducted business with him.
He is a mistake for small businesses who conducted business with him.
He is a mistake for the Republic.
He is a mistake for women who trust him.
He is a mistake for men who trust him.
He is a mistake for voters who believed him.
He is a mistake for those that attempted to teach him.
He is a mistake for those that attempted to understand him.
He is a mistake for world leaders attempting to communicate with him.
He is a mistake for the Republican Party.
He is a mistake for the Democratic Party to assign power or influence.
He is a mistake to assign power or influence by anyone.
He is a raw, open sore, rotting mistake hanging off the bone of a carcass not meant to live with cancer.

Donnie will go down in history as a chronic mistake that metastasized itself into the White House.

The government of the United States began it’s internal rot with the two party system. A mistake. Tribes separate, there is no getting around that fact. Carnival barkers, politicians, and holy men like tribes.

I do not herd well. Fact is, I am a horrible herder. I don’t enjoy joining groups. I am uncomfortable with labels or wearing matching T-shirts at events. I wore a baseball team T-shirt once. To a local game. I lived a lie the entire time I wore that shirt. I was a faux herder in a stadium full of real herders. I felt the weight of my ruse all the way back to the parking lot after the game. I am a registered Independent voter because I’m forced to register under a label. Independent was the closest label to “I’m not with anybody.”

We set our tribes alight through arrogance, pride, racism, separatism, nationalism, and lies. Lies about each other. Lies about threats. Lies about lies about truths. We the People abdicated our role to our own Republic. We gave the steering wheel to carnival barkers, politicians, and holy men. That’s our mistake.

Our tribes have logos and song, labels and mottos. Our tribes stood up claiming tribal truths that would save the other guys if they would only listen to our tribe!

The Democrats are clawing at each other trying to find a label. They hiss at the one who chooses socialist, then changes it to democratic socialist. They spit when someone calls them liberal with a capital L. They bare teeth, Cheshire grin, and growl at moving air in the room if the whisper from its wind sounds progressive. For some reason democrats think they can sneak liberal, socialist, and somewhat progressive under the door if they talk faster. That’s a mistake.

Republicans do not seek to apply a label to themselves now. They were once conservative. But, fuck it. That’s complicated. Let’s just label every thing and one around us, god can sort it out. Their hate is justified. Their disregard is honorable. Their truth is the only truth. Their corruption is not to be noted considering there’s corruption over there, in the corner, just as bad. So. Fuck it.

Carnival barkers, politicians, and holy men use the same tactics. You hand a barker five dollars to knock a stacked set of bottles entirely off the table to win a stuffed rabbit. That’s a mistake. Because you won’t. Because you can’t. And you’ll shut up and walk away making excuses to your child who didn’t get a stuffed rabbit because you agreed to a deal with a carnival barker.

Tribes like politicians. Their words are easy on their tribal ears. Unless they are a democrat. It’s hard to be a democrat herder. My dem friends struggle with how to beat Trump. Which leaves me wanting to scream, “He’s a mistake! Just say that out loud, tell the world how you’ll fix the mistake’s mistakes and get on with it… fuck!” I find politics causes me to curse. I also find that is a universal symptom of politics. I find my democratic friends prefer to fuss and break out in a cold sweat rather than curse.

Tribes love a good holy man. Mostly because a good holy man will read from a book full of words that edify their personal flavor of fear and judgement. The tricky part is finding the right holy man with the right book to match your fear and judgment. This can take a while. You don’t want to make a mistake.

Tribes accepted the idea that corporations are people and let them join. A mistake. A big damn mistake. Granted the system was ripe and rotting for this move. We, in our own tribes, looked upon our favored corporations and thought, “Hell ya! Let’s beat that other tribe with our corporation’s money and power!”

Corporations find us as convenient as Putin finds Donald.

We were ripe and distracted with cellphones and lies. We were ready for the taking the day Donnie didn’t win the popular vote with the help of Putin. (Who didn’t care who won, just as long as he could prove his ability to influence the conveniently distracted voters of America.) It’s not like it’s a President that screws things up. He’s just a mistake. It’s a Senate that supports the mistakes, and a congress that doesn’t have the power, pull, and most pointedly, the vagina to do it. Ultimately it is the mistake of the voter for trusting the carnival barker politicians washed in an aura of holy water. Tribes have a hard time seeing around corners. They totally missed the corner where the carnival barker stood shouting he was not a politician, therefore you can trust him. And people lined up with their five dollar bills.

There isn’t a Constitutional Crisis. This is a human crisis. We are in the middle of a convulsing state of tribal warfare. The constitution has nothing to do with it. The constitution can barely keep up with it. I’m amazed it lasted this long under the pressure of a society hell bent on setting itself on fire.

We’re polishing brass on the Titanic my fellow citizens. It is our mistake.

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