A black and white Catahoula hound deep couch laying keeping an eye on his dad.
Angus Lee, working mind controls on dad. Because mom isn’t that interesting to control.

Sure. You thought of that idea your dog suggested subliminally.

Kathy LaFollett
2 min readSep 7, 2023


Chihuahua, Yorkie, golden retriever, black lab, chocolate lab, bichon frise, standard poodle, great schnauzer, min pin, doberman, rottie, pittie, English bulldog, American bulldog, Australian and German Shepherds, mutts, mixes, coonhound, bluetick, treeing, and plott hounds. These are the types of manipulators I have met personally, spent time with, shared a dog park with, or brought home to boss me around.

Not until Angus Lee LaFollett, Catahoula black lab hound mix, did I become aware of the professional level manipulator potential. And he’s not even bothering with me most times. His prime target is dad.

Ears up, half smile where you goin? You doing something? Going somewhere? I can help wait letmehelpyouinthebathroom!

Ears droopy, eyes half sagged but I thought you were going on a walk I swear I heard you say walk.

Ears up, neck stretched panic mode SQUIRREL! DANGER! nevermind.

Puddle face surface drool string eyeballs glazed off to Never Land can’t believe I didn’t get that squirrel.

Frog face exhales waiting on someone to notice readiness for anything hey look over here I’m bored. So bored.

Paw nagging knee tapping wet nose nudging pet me or I’ll die.

Paw nagging knee tapping wet nose nudging shoulder pile driver into rib cage on the couch move over pet me or I’ll die.

If the military industrial complex had any sense at all they’d get all the dogs and release them into enemy camps as they sleep. They’d all be assimilated by breakfast realizing they have to meet the needs of the dog, laying down arms to make room for the dog.

Don’t bring up the cats. I’ve known a few dozen and they have no interest in saving a human from themselves.

An orange tabby cat laying back into a couch wearing reading glasses and holding a book open as if reading. Which the cat is reading. And the cat knows everything already. Just leave the room.
Assume nothing about what the cat knows.